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After skipping a few Minecraft patches, I finally had the time to get back into the modded Minecraft scene. After downloading the Twitch client (it was the Curse client before I left) and installing the newest Feed The Beast kitchen sink pack, I started a new world and realised that so much had changed with regard to how mods work. With all these new mods, I thought it might be a good idea to find a tutorial to follow.

I initially looked for a guide to Astral Sorcery, but all I could find were videos and old, outdated wikis. Every wiki had pages missing or had so many ads I was not sure if the site was real or being run by someone.

I had to surrender myself to YouTube videos. I have nothing against some of these videos, but it's really annoying to have to pause my game, watch a bit of the video, scrub through or rewind in case I missed something, have ads run while I'm trying to do something, find out the video is out of date and things have different names or mechanics work differently.

I spent hours trying to find a video that was watchable, informative and up to date (for Astral Sorcery) but I could not find anything. I was also surprised that I could not find any text guides. This is when I started to write the first text guide, on Astral Sorcery. I figured that I was not the only one trying to find a decent guide, and I knew other people preferred text guides over videos.

After completing the first guide, I posted it to the Feed The Beast subreddit and it got a ton of upvotes. It turns out that I am not the only one who dislikes YouTube videos, and can’t find decent text guides. The community helped out a ton with spelling and grammar, and a few people reached out asking if I needed help.

Together the community, mod authors and I have produced more guides, and I finally decided to consolidate them on one website.

Without the help from the community, these guides would not be possible. I hope to keep posting guides and keep them up to date. If a guide helps one person, then it's worth every minute spent typing.

Thank you!


  • Guides look great no matter what device you are viewing them on!
  • Guides can be edited and corrected by anyone via Github
  • Fast and lightweight
  • Search across all guides
  • New guides are always being added
  • 100% Free, no paywalls

Work in progress guides

The guides below are currently a work in progress. These guides are currently in Google Docs with public commenting enabled. Feel free to contribute! These guides will be moved and hosted here once they are finalized:

Draconic Evolution

Once these guides are completed they are moved to this website to make viewing and updating easier. If you have a suggestion for a guide please contact me (Tiyth) via Twitter, Reddit or via Email here.


If you have any suggestions, ideas or are having problems with any of the guides please feel free to contact me via Reddit, Twitter or via Email!


Q.Where are the PDFS for each guide?
A. These took up a lot of bandwidth and were a pain to keep up to date so they have been removed.

QWhy am I seeing Ads?
A. I write, edit, correct, upload and maintain each one of these guides for free. Ads help pay to keep the site up and running.

QWhen will the guide for X mod be ready?
A. This is a one-man operation so guides could take up to a month to complete depending on the size of the mod.

QCan you do mod X next?
A. I have an ever-growing list of Minecraft Mods I will cover, I can’t say when a specific guide will be up but keep an eye on my Twitter or in the FTB subreddit.

QI have found a mistake. Where can I report this?
A. The best option would be to contact me via Reddit, Twitter or use the Edit button on the top right of each page via GitHub.

QWill you update each mod as they are updated?
A. Yes and no. I will add small changes that mods have had but if the mod has had a complete rewrite then it will get its own guide.

QCan you help me with X?
A. I only write the guides for these mods, if you are looking for help for a specific thing within a mod then visit the mods Discord Server, they are the experts.

QI have an idea for a guide and I would like to help write one?
A. Great! Contact me via email and I can set you up with a template!

QI want to translate one of your guides, how do I get started?
A. This is not so straightforward but it is possible if you are able to use GitHub, email me and we can talk!


Minecraft Guides.net will always be free to everyone, creating these guides can take up to a month and this is all done in my (Tiyth) spare time. I do not get paid for making any of these guides and I fund this whole project on my own.

When this project first started I never thought so many people would be so interested in these guides. As I add more and more guides and more and more people come to visit each guide, more and more bandwidth and space is needed to host these guides.

Currently, I am paying my hosting around £400 for hosting, SSL certificates, Domain and the blog. As more guides are made our hosting will soon slow down, as we have such a huge amount of visitors.

I will be accepting Paypal Donations as well as cryptocurrency donations.

Hopefully, MinecraftGuides.net can be fully self-sufficient!


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