Energy Acceptor & Vibration Chamber & Energy Cell

The energy acceptor will accept power from most mods (EU, RF & MJ) and turn it into AE power. EU converts at 2:1, RF at 1:2 and MJ 5:1.This can then be attached to any network directly or via a quartz fiber cable.

You can also use a Vibration Chamber to generate up to 10AE per tick with any burnable materials.

The energy cell will hold AE energy, there are 2 types: the normal energy cell which will hold 200,000 AE and the Dense Energy Cell which holds 16,000,000 AE. These cannot be charged with any energy source, you will need to put down an energy acceptor for them to accept any type of energy.

There is also a fluid vibration chamber that will convert lava into energy, lava can not be added via a bucket but has to be pumped in with ME fluid Export Bus on the Fluid Vibration Chamber and a Fluid storage bus on the Tank:

The export bus will need to have lava on the filter, it will also need a small kick start to get the system working.