Inscriber Automation

Automating the inscriber should be one of the first things you should do, it will let you create processors much quicker and easier, there are a few mods that have better pipes then others. This will cover a very basic way to automate the inscribers and then a AE2 style automation with a few other mods thrown in.

You can skip this completely if you have access to the AE2 Stuff mod that has the Advanced Inscriber which is far easier to use and quicker.

You will need at least 5 Inscribers, one for each of the logic circuits and silicon and one for combining each circuit with Silicon and redstone. The inputs for the logic press is as follows:

  • You must insert Raw materials such as Gold, Diamonds, redstone and Silicone into the left or right side of the press.
  • You must insert all logic circuits from the TOP.
  • Silicone must be inserted from the bottom of the logic press.
  • Final products can be pull out from the RIGHT of the inscriber

Each inscriber must be powered and should have acceslation cards added to them to speed the process up.

The basic way

Using Ender Io item ducts and filters we can have one main chest where we add all of our material for each Processor and have them all deposited back into the chest. As we can set Ender Io conduits to pull in and out from one face it makes setting up easy.

You will need to have access to a few Ender Io Item Conduits and basic Filters.

Each conduit on the left stack of inscribers has been set to input and output, the input has a filter for the raw material such as gold and silicon. The output has been set to always active. This will pull items out once complete.

The left and right face of the chest is set to input and output is set to be always active.

The top of the right inscriber has been set to input with a filter set for each one of the circuits, these will always be put into here.

The bottom has been set to input with a filter for only printed silicone.

The right face has been set to input and output, both have filters, input has been filtered to only let redstone in. The output has been set to only allow completed processors to be pulled out.

You can add Silicone, redstone, diamonds, gold and pure certus quartz crystals into the chest and after a while you will have a full chest of Processors.

Request Processors

We can also set this whole system up with Interfaces, this way we can request a processor via the crafting interface. Just like before we have a stack of Inscribers that will take our base materials such as Gold, Diamonds and Silicon and turn them into Circuits and printed Silicone.

Each inscriber has an interface on its left, each interface has a pattern for each Circuit and silicone. On the right we have Thermal expansion item ducts which lead into an interface block. This is a must as the interfaces on the left can not pull out the finished product, the item ducts (A sevo is set to always on) will pull out the finished item and put it back into our system via the interface, this makes sure the craft is completed by the system.

Now that we can craft the base materials for the processors we can start putting these together. AE2 Interfaces are smart but they still struggle with some blocks. Since we need to put 3 materials into 3 very specific slots of the interface we need a buffer chest.

This buffer chest has a interface attached, this interface has a pattern for each processor:

Attached to the other side of the chest are items, ducts, servos and another interface. Each face (Top, bottom, left) has a servo that is white listed for each material, these servos will pull these certain item into the Interface once they are in the chest:

  • Top - all 3 circuits
  • Left - Redstone
  • Bottom - Printed Silicone

The interface has a servo that is white listed for completed processors, these will drop back into the system and complete the craft.

At the back of this build there is a Furnace and a sag mill, these also have interfaces with crafting patterns for processing nether quartz ore into nether quartz and nether quartz into silicone. You can always use other machines for processing.

This full system will allow you to request any processors.

Once processors have been automated you can start creating crafting patterns for each cell. You can speed up the process of creating cells by always having a set number of processors in the system and always having them restock.

The next part of this build is an interface with Export Busses and Level emitters.

Each export bus has a redstone card and a crafting card. Redstone is active with Singal. Only when there is a redstone signal will this export bus craft whatever item has been chosen, for this case a processor. The crafting has been set to “Do not use stocked items, only craft while exporting.

There is a ME level emitter pointed at the export bus, this has been set to only emit a redstone signal when there is less than 10 items in the system:

This system will keep crafting until it has met all the requirements. This system is slow as each processor will need to wait in line for the last inscriber to be free. This can be sped up by giving each processor its own 3 inscribers. This way there is no line to wait in.