Stellar Refraction Table

The Stellar Refraction Table requires Infused Glass and an open sky above it to work. Once the Table is placed down, right-click it with a single piece of Infused Glass (bear in mind that this glass has a durability). Once in the Table the UI will change. The Table also requires Parchment. It can hold about a stack of Parchment (right-click with it to insert).

The Table’s UI will also look different at night and will require it to be night in order for it to work correctly:

Tanle UI

The Stellar Refraction Table can make engraved glass that can be used repeatedly to make brews, enchanted books and enables you to enchant items such as tools and weapons.

The basic idea behind this is that once you have inserted your glass and Parchment, you can then add up to three Constellations to the Parchment. Then you can etch the Constellations you selected to the glass. Once the glass has been etched you can take the Parchment away and insert items, potions or books. Over time these will become enchanted. This is heavily dependant on what Constellations you have found and what Constellations are currently in the sky. This table also does not work if the moon is too low to the horizon (early evening or early morning).

Here is a step-by-step:

  1. First right-click Parchment and Infused Glass onto your Table:

Refraction Table step 1

  1. Right-click the Table and move up to three Constellations onto the Parchment. Remember these might be different depending on what you have discovered and what is currently in the sky. Sometimes this might fail and you will see fire fly out of your table which will destroy the parchment. This just means that crafting has failed due to the Constellations not working together. You might find this happens a lot when trying different combinations of Constellations

Table Fail

  1. Eventually you will find a set of Constellations that will not burn your paper. Once this is done you will notice the glass has changed - this is your Engraved Glass. It has a limited amount of uses before you have to create a new one.

Constellations working in table

  1. Once you have Engraved Glass you can insert (right-click) books, armor, weapons or potions into your Table. Sneak right-click the Parchment to remove it from the Table.

Table Enchanting

Remember each piece of Etched Glass has a limited amount of uses. Glass can also be taken out of the table by sneak-right-clicking it.