Luminous Crafting Table

Go back to your crafting table that you placed down by the Collector Crystal and craft a Luminous Crafting Table (it is required to craft it by a Collector Crystal). The Luminous Crafting Table is used to craft most things within Astral Sorcery but this is the FIRST tier Table.

In 1.15.2, you need to reveal the collector crystal to starlight, and that will turn the crafting table into a luminous crafting table.

The Luminous Crafting Table must be placed somewhere open to the sky to work. This table has a “Star Light” meter at the bottom when you open it. This will fill up depending on where the table is placed and the time. In the middle of the night, your table will have higher levels of Star Light than during the day. Tables placed at a higher elevation (max Y-level 120) will also get more Star Light. Higher levels can be achieved if you are near a Collector Crystal or in an area of high Starlight concentration (more on this later). This Star Light level is also affected by where the moon is and where you are in world, as it depends on what Constellations the table can see. During the day you will get next to no Star Light.

This table can also be used as a regular crafting table (for crafting things related to Astral Sorcery) but when crafting anything for Astral Sorcery you will need your Resonating Wand. Unlike a normal crafting table where you can just pull out what you have crafted, you have to exit the table after creating the recipe and then right-click the table with the Resonating Wand. A beam of moonlight will shine on the table and then the crafted item will appear in the world on top of the table.