Resonating Wand

Place down a crafting table near the Collector Crystal and craft a Resonating Wand. This wand can only be crafted next to a crystal in this way. If your wand does not show up, restart Minecraft.

This wand will enable you to finish recipes and will also help you find specific Astral Sorcery ores. With this wand in hand at NIGHT time, walk around the surface of the world and you will see glowing light effects coming from the ground.

These markers are locations for Crystal Ore. Crystal Ore spawns around Y-level 4 and below. Dig a spiral staircase down (never dig straight down in Minecraft) to the ore. If you have JourneyMap or any other mapping tool that lets you set marks, it’s a good idea to mark these locations. When marking these locations, set the Y-level to 4. This way you can mine down to level 4 and dig your way to these markers.

Using a diamond level (mines obsidian) pickaxe you will get around 1-3 Rock Crystals without any enchants. With the fortune enchant on your pickaxe you will get more. You will want to grab a bunch of these (keep in mind that they do not stack). Hovering over these in your inventory while sneaking will show, “Something seems to be here, but you can't tell what it is yet…

While you are down here, hold the Resonating Wand and look for any dim lights parallel to the ground. Those are other nearby Rock Crystal Ores.