Corruption Mechanic

The Alcara Constellation will corrupt and alter all the Altar Effects for each Constellation. Currently these effects have not been discovered:

Constellation Original Effect Corrupt Effect
Aevitas Nearby living entities receive Regeneration; Plants experience accelerated growth. Weakness 4, Mining Fatigue 3, Hunger 3 and Bleeding 3. Has a chance to destroy crops. Unsure about how it interacts with monsters.
Armara Hostile mobs and projectiles are repelled away from the Pedestal. Nearby entities gain resistance and absorption. Appears to buff mobs in speed and attack (unsure about defense) and are no longer repelled.
Discidia Hostile mobs near the Pedestal take damage over time. Damages Players; Resistance 3 on monsters; Inner wealth buff to animals (up to level 7 for 20 mins).
Evorsio Breaks solid blocks near the Pedestal. Literally shits random blocks everywhere in all XYZ coords (ore-gen included).
Vicio Entities near the Pedestal receive Jump Boost and Speed. Enables Creative like Flight. Mining Fatigue and Slowness. Players cannot move at all. Super zoomed-in perspective. Slowness is also applied to monsters.
Bootes Nearby animals "shed" their drops as if they were slain. Kills animals instantly while also giving them some form of inner wealth. It will kill baby animals as well.
Fornax Nearby blocks become their burnt or smelted counterparts. Similar to Evorsio in that it shits out tons of ice blocks literally everywhere.
Horologium Machines experience bonus ticks and work faster. Freezes time for all monsters AND machines. Also, a LOT of particle effects. Light and lightning-like textures*.
Lucerna Hostile mobs do not spawn around the Pedestal. Makes the night last longer by reverting world ticks.
Mineralis Nearby stone has a chance of becoming ore blocks. It will place stone with ore gen under your feet if there are gaps in the floor. It will not replace any blocks. If you are standing on grass, nothing will happen. But as soon as you jump, a 3x3 area of stone will generate. Spiders also cause this to happen since they can climb. It will NOT convert stone to ores though, just the ones generated by walking around after you jump.
Octans Nearby Water blocks become easier to fish. Spawns water EVERYWHERE (all XYZ coordinates it seems).
Pelotrio Entities experience a higher chance of spawning, including hostile mobs. If a skeleton walks into its range, it will be converted to a wither skeleton and give it inner wealth 4, forever. This also also turns chickens into blazes, cows into zombies, sheep into strays, pigs into zombie pigmen, parrots into ghasts and villagers into witches. It also seemed to capture the attention of the wither skeletons as well. Unable to confirm.

*Note that empowering this ritual does not increase its range.