Gendustry makes bees easy, and the only trade off is that your custom Queens will be Ignoble. This whole process will cost you a whole bunch of power and diamonds. Nothing is stopping you from brute forcing genes into a Pristine bee the old way.

There are 2 types of bees you will want to breed to help speed things up, and to help you gather more resources. Somes of these traits will not be available straight away, but as long as you use your Portable Analyzer, you can check to see if your Drones have the trait you are looking for. Then, it's just a matter of running them through the Gene Sampler, getting the right Trait and copying it to a template.

You want to have a bee that has a short lifespan and has plenty of offspring. This means that you can let them work in the Apiary, stack up Drones and run these through the Sampler until you have other traits (such a Species and Speed) you want.

Genes to have on every breeding bee:

  • Fertility - 4 - If you can’t get 4, get it as high as possible.
  • Speed - Robotic
  • Lifespan - Shortest
  • Rain - Tolerant
  • Nocturnal

Once you have all the genes you want from your breeding bee, you can change the Sample to a more working focused bee.

A Produce focused bee would have the following traits:

  • Fertility - 1
  • Lifespan - Longest
  • Speed - Robotic
  • Rain - Tolerant
  • Nocturnal

Everything else will be filled out randomly, and since you are using Industrial Apiaries, you don’t need to worry too much about its flowers or biome, as we can add upgrades to the Apiary.

There is a quick way to get the bees you need. As long as you have the machines and the power, you can breed up any bee relatively quickly and then just use a Replicator to get your required bee.

  1. Start with at least 4 Industrial apiaries to create Drones.
  2. Find forest bees and try to get the fertility x3 trait (you can find this out by using the Analyzer), the more Drones the better.
  3. Imprint Fertility 3 onto every bee species you wish to breed. This will allow you to acquire more Drones for the Sampler (for more traits). To start, you'll be looking mainly for the SPECIES trait.
  4. Once you have the species, save it on a genetic template so it can never be lost.
  5. Once you have the new species, use a Rocky Princess from a quarry, or use the Replicator to create a new queen of that species, and continue to move forward in the breeding process.