Beacon Changes

This feature reworks how beacons function. Beacons no longer have any GUI. Instead, the effect of the beacon is dictated by the blocks under it.

With a few exceptions, beacons follow these tier rules:

Tier Total Blocks Radius
1 (3x3) 9 20 Blocks
2 (5x5) 34 40 Blocks
3 (7x7) 83 80 Blocks
4 (9x9) 164 164 Blocks

A Beacon base must consist of the same blocks, and the effect will differ based on the block used:

Block Effect
Glass or any unused modded beacon base Activates the beacon with no effect; used for decoration.
Emerald Block Causes all kills in the area to have the same effect as a looting enchant; goes up to Looting 4.
Lapis Block Gives True Sight: a potion effect that spawns particles on blocks with light levels lower than 8. Useful for lighting up an area.
Diamond Block Gives fortune to all players in the area; goes up to fortune 4.
Glowstone Gives players night vision.
Gold Block Gives players haste.
Slime Block Gives players jump boost.
Concentrated Hellfire Block Gives players fire protection.
Prismarine Gives players water breathing.
Sponge Suffocates all air breathers, unless they are wearing a plate helmet.
Dung Gives players nausea and poison unless they are wearing full plate armor.
Coal Block Gives players blindness unless wearing a Plate Helmet.

Tier Exceptions
Soulforged Steel - This Beacon allows the Player to set their spawn by right-clicking it with an empty hand.

Tier Radius
1 (3x3) 40 Blocks
2 (5x5) 80 Blocks
3 (7x7) Unlimited in the Overworld
4 (9x9) Unlimited across dimensions

Ender Block - This Beacon changes how Ender Chests work. Any Ender Chest not placed on this beacon acts as a normal chest. Ender Chests placed on specific levels of the beacon have different inventories.

Tier Access
1 (3x3) Shared Inventory in that dimension
2 (5x5) Another Shared Inventory in that dimension
3 (7x7) Global Shared Inventory
4 (9x9) Private Player Inventory