January Update

February 1st at 10:40pm Tiyth

This is the first of the monthly updates from me, I figured it would be good to let everyone know what I have been up to and what is going on behind the scenes here at Minecraftguides.net.

On the first of every month ill post an update about what has been going on and what is in the pipeline.

Dark mode Guides

All guides have a “Dark mode” theme, this should make it easier on everyone’s eyes. I am still tweaking the theme as currently tables look a bit janky and I am not 100% happy with a few other aspects. This tweaking will be an ongoing process and will take a while to perfect.

Botania Moved

I finally got round to moving the Botania guide, the guide can now be accessed at Minecraftguides.net/Botania. This guide also has its own repo so if there are any changes you would like to make make sure you head over to the Github Repo.

Discord Changes

I kept missing updates from GitHub, so I have now added a discord bot that will ping me with any changes or requests so I can keep on top of everything. There will be a few channel changes coming to Discord in the next month but nothing too drastic.

Remember that the Discord is only intended for GUIDE support, for mod support you will have to visit each mods specific discord. Links for each mods Discord will be pinned in each channel.

Support Page

A new support page has been added where you can find our PayPal and crypto links. Donations are always welcome but not necessary, I still want to be able to keep all the guides add free and hopefully with donations this will be possible.

More info can be found here: https://minecraftguides.net/support


I recently had the terrible idea of giving each guide its own subdomain. This terrible idea caused issues with people not finding URLs and caused more work for me.

This has now been reversed and all guides are always at the end of the URL (Minecraftguides.net/GUIDENAME). Each future guides will be like this. Not only is this easier but it also helps with SEO, the more people who find the guide the better.

I have also added all guides to one analytics property, this took some fiddling but gives me a better overview. I only use analytics to see which guides are the most popular and it also helps with error reporting.

What’s next? The Draconic Evolution guide should be done by the end of February and should be available for all to edit. The AE2 Guide is also in the process of being moved to its own site.

More guides are on their way and once Draconic Evolution is done ill move onto Mekinism as well as a Mod pack. The mod pack Guide will be public from the get-go so people can chip in a few ideas as I am writing, this will be a new type of guide that will unlike every other guide and will need to be tackled differently.


I started Minecraft Guides to make it easier to find detailed information on my favourite Minecraft mods without having to watch hours of old videos.


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