Planned Content Platform Upgrade

September 15th at 6:00pm Tiyth

Using the current platform to post News and Updates is clunky. The existing site works great as a way to display static information but isn’t well suited for our News or Blog content.

The upgraded platform will be separate from the main site and more visually appealing without having to sacrifice speed, accessibility or looks.

This will allow more focus on posting and less work tinkering behind the scenes.

New Guides There are guides currently in the works but the one guide I was very eager to start was Blood Magic. I had seen Blood Magic elements in other people’s builds and always wondered what the mod was about and how it works. It remains one of the most popular mods for 1.7.10 and so I dove in and started documentation.

The Blood Magic guide took over a month to create with help from the official Blood Magic Discord and various outdated Youtube videos.

This guide has been a huge hit on Reddit and has had a constant stream of people on the Google Doc ever since it was first posted. Although we’ve put considerable time and effort into making it as useful as possible, we’re still polishing it here and there to improve it where we can.

Blood Magic works with another popular mod named Woot without having to download any other addon-mods. One of the expansions we are considering for our Blood Magic Guide would be information on Woot integration and how you can use Woot to enhance your Blood Magic creations.

Guide Features I have always wanted the guides to be a community project in the sense that anyone can submit editing proposals if there is information that needs updating. At first we hosted the proposed guides on Google Docs to allow collaboration, but unfortunately when you have large numbers of people collaborating on a Google Doc consistently, it suffers from crashing, freezing and performance issues. It’s a great tool for smaller projects but wasn’t working for something on our scale.

To solve this problem, we have enabled GitHub integration with every guide. This will enable anyone with a GitHub account (which is free) to suggest edits which we can review and push to the live site. Not only will this allow people to suggest edits but will also make editing guides a whole lot easier.

I have a few guides in the works and a list of proposals that I want to work on, time permitting. There are also a whole host of other plans and ideas for the future but all in good time.

I will be posting more here as I want to keep people in the loop about what is coming up. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can get in touch with us via Twitter, Reddit or on our Discord server.

Thank you!


I started Minecraft Guides to make it easier to find detailed information on my favourite Minecraft mods without having to watch hours of old videos.


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