Welcome to MinecraftGuides

July 12th at 6:00pm Tiyth

Welcome to the new home for all future Minecraft Text Guides. Gone are the days of trying to find the guides you are looking for on Reddit, via Google or watching long, out of date, YouTube videos. All future (and past) Minecraft Text Guides will be posted and hosted here, free of charge and without a single advert in sight!

You can see all of the current completed guides and work in progress guides here. Every work in progress guide is still on Google Docs, which means you can still contribute (if you want).

We have also opened up a Discord server and a Twitter account so you can get in touch with us about any guide errors, guide suggestions or just to say, “Hi.” We are continuing to work on the website by adding new features that make it easier to find, read and edit guides. We are also working on new guides as well.

We will update you as soon as anything gets added, changed, reworked, etc. We want to be as clear and transparent with everyone that reads our guides as possible.

We have big plans, such as offering guides in different languages, moving other guides to the platform and much more. For now, we are happy the site is up and that everyone can find the guide they are looking for.

I started Minecraft Guides to make it easier to find detailed information on my favourite Minecraft mods without having to watch hours of old videos.


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