Petty Tartaric Gem/Lesser Tartaric Gem

Crafting Snares and hunting mobs is a chore and is not the best way to collect or to even store your Demonic Will. The Petty Tartaric Gem is an entry-level way of storing up to 64 Demonic Will. This gem can be kept in your inventory, (no need to be on your hot bar) each time you kill a mob that can drop Demonic Will (using the snare) and when you pick up the Demonic Will it will be consumed by the Gem. The Gem will consume and store the “Will Quality” in each Demonic Will, each gem holds 64 Will.

Make 2 of these and put one into the Hellfire Forge. Keep the other one in your inventory, if you have any Demonic Will in your inventory throw it on the ground and pick it up again, these will get sucked into the gem.

Now you can store Demonic Will without cluttering up your inventory and now we can use a Petty Tartaric Gem to craft a Sentient Sword to collect Demonic Will without having to craft snares.

The Lesser Tartaric Gem is the next tier and it's gonna require a Diamond, a Block of Lapis Lazuli, a Block of Redstone, and a Petty Tartaric Gem, and it's gonna require 60 Will in your gem (nearly full), and 20 Will shall be consumed from it. While the Petty Tartaric Gem can store 64 Will, the Lesser Tartaric Gem can store 256.