Divination Sigil

Now that we can store LP in our blood orb we can use the Divination Sigil to see how much LP is in our personal network.

Using the Hellfire Forge craft Arcane Ashes (Coal, Redstone, Gunpowder and white Dye along with Demonic Will). These ashes are used in certain crafting recipes and can be a little confusing when looking them up in JEI:

There are 2 components in this crafting recipe, first right click with the Arcane Ashes (this can be made in the hellfire forge) on the floor, this will draw a few circles on the floor with triangles in it:

Next right-click the circle with Redstone, this will change the pattern:

Lastly, right-click the pattern with a blank slate (these can be crafted by putting Stone into a Blood Altar with at least 1000LP in it). The pattern will levitate off the floor (this means it’s crafting) and a Divination Sigil will pop out.

To use this simply right click with it in hand, this will tell you how much LP is within your personal LP network (how much is in your Blood Orb).

The Divination Sigil can also give you more information about items when you have it in your hand. If you look at the Blood Altar (with the Divination Sigil in hand) on the left of the screen you can see what tier your Altar is and how much LP the Altar has in it:

You can also use it on other Altars such as the Incense Altar, this will tell you the level of Tranquility and the Bonus %: