Tier 2 Runes

With each new tier of Altar, you will be able to use more and more runes, as we are only on tier 2 we only have 4 runes to play with (the corner runes are required but any bonuses will not be applied until your Altar is at least level 3). Since we have access to the Tier 2 Altar and the Apprentice Blood Orb we can craft more runes.

These runes will require a lot more LP, blank slates can be put into the Tier 2 Altar with at least 2000 LP in it. This will turn the slate into a Reinforced Slate.

Rune of Self Sacrifice

Now stabbing yourself over and over again and waiting to regen can be a real drag, now with the rune of Self Sacrifice, you can increase the amount of LP you get from stabbing yourself by 10%, additively.

Rune of Sacrifice

This rune will increase the amount of LP you receive from killing a mob with the Dagger of Sacrifice by 10%, additively.