Ritual of Magnetism​

Activation Cost: 5,000LP
Cost per ore: 50LP
This ritual is useful for ore collection, as it will pull ore blocks from the ground and place them within the ritual. This ritual will bring up ore to the surface every 40 ticks. The default radius that this ritual operates is 3 blocks in each cardinal direction, giving an area of 7x7 blocks centred on the Master Ritual Stone.

The placement of these blocks can be configured but the location needs to be within a vertical range of 3 blocks and a horizontal range of 3 blocks.

Because the ritual currently does not have any Will augments, you can only increase the radius of effect for the ritual by placing a valuable block directly underneath the Master Ritual Stone. If an iron block is used the radius becomes 7. If a gold block is used, the radius becomes 15. Finally, if a diamond block is used the radius expands to 31, meaning any ores below the ritual in a 63x63 area will be slowly pulled up into its 3x3x3 volume above the Master Ritual Stone.