Ritual of the Sheppard

Activation Cost: 10,000LP
Cost Per animal: 400LP

The Ritual of the Shepherd reduces the time needed for animals to mature from 20 to 3 minutes. The chest location can be configured but it has to be in a 2 block radius of the Master Ritual Stone. The area of which the ritual can affect mobs can also be configured but this can only be a maximum of 6 blocks away from the Master Ritual Stone.

Demonic Will can also be configured with this Ritual:

Will Type Effect
Raw Increases the speed of the ritual based on the total Will in the Aura
Corrosive Unimplemented
Steadfast Automatically breeds adults within its area using items in the connected chest
Destructive Causes Adults that have not bred lately to run at mobs and explode ₁
Vengeful Decreases the time it takes for adults to breed again

₁ The exploding animals will slowly run down any hostile mobs and blow them up with an explosion that doesn't damage blocks, though it does destroy any items already on the ground. Explosion damage seems to be about 6 hearts point-blank, but they usually detonate a little bit early, causing their damage to average closer to 4.5 hearts. Will damage/kill any other weaponized animals in their blast radius.