Botanical Brewery

Brewing with Mana can give much better results than the traditional way of making potions. Vials hold up to 4 charges of a potion and Flasks hold up to 6. Initially, you will only be able to craft Vials (4 charges) but as you move on with Botania flasks will be available.

To start brewing you will need to place down a Brewing stand and have a Mana spreader aimed at it. Next you can right-click the Vial into the stand as well as the required ingredients. Once all the ingredients are in the stand crafting will start, once finished the potion will pop off the brewing stand.

Name Effect Ingredients
Brew of Fleetfeet Speed 2 Nether Wart, Sugar, Redstone
Brew of Vigor Strength 2 Nether Wart, Blaze Powder, Glowstone Dust
Brew of Adrenaline Haste 2 Nether Wart, Sugar, Gold Nugget
Brew of Mending Instant Health 2 Nether Wart, Glistering Melon, Potato
Brew of Upsurging Jump Boost 2 Nether Wart, Feather, Carrot
Brew of Revitalization Regeneration 2 Nether Wart, Ghast Tear, Glowstone Dust
Brew of Restoration Regeneration Nether Wart, Ghast Tear, Redstone Dust
Brew of Fortitude Resistance 2 Nether Wart, Iron Ingot, Leather
Brew of Magmaskin Fire Resistance Nether Wart, Magma Cream, Netherrack
Brew of Gills Water Breathing Nether Wart, Prismarine Shard, Glowstone Dust
Brew of Cloaking Invisibility Nether Wart, Snowball, Glowstone Dust
Brew of Owlsight Night Vision Nether Wart, Spider Eye, Golden Carrot
Brew of Shielding Absorption 4 Nether Wart, Golden Apple, Potato

Aside from Simple Brews there are also some more complicated brews:

Name Effect Ingredients
Brew of Overload Strength 4, Speed 3, Weakness 2, Hunger 2 Nether Wart, Blaze Powder, Sugar, Glowstone Dust, Mana Steel Ingot, Spiders Eye
Brew of Crossed Souls HP Regen after Kill Nether Wart Soul Sand Paper Apple Bone
Brew of Feather Feet Immune to fall damage Nether Wart Feather Leaver Wool
Brew of Vanity’s Emptiness 128 Block Radius hostile mobs will not spawn Nether Wart Raw Fish Quartz Golden Carrot
Brew of Crimson Shade Mobs will spawn in a 64 block Radius regardless of the light level. Nether Wart Fermented Spiders Eye Lapis Lazuli Fire Charge Iron Ingot
Brew of Marine Allure Higher Proficiency catching Fish, will also catch fish and loot faster Nether Wart Raw Fish Nether Quartz Golden Carrot
Brew of Absolution Clear all negative and positive potion effects Nether Wart Quartz Emerald Melon