More Baubles and Accessories

With Terra Steel comes to some new craftable accessories, these will give you passive abilities and will cost Mana that can be drained from your inventory:

Pyroclast Pendant

If you frequently find yourself on fire then this pendant is for you. This Pendant, when worn, will extinguish you whenever you are on fire, this will not protect you from being in a fire or in Lava.

Ring of Aura

This ring will slowly generate Mana and store it within the player's inventory (Ring of Mana or Mana Tablet), this can be upgraded with Terra Steel.

Ring of Chordata

When equipped this ring will allow the wearer to swim underwater at an increased speed, breathe underwater and also see much better underwater. Once you run out of air bubbles they will be replenished at the cost of Mana.

Ring of Dexterous Motion

While wearing this ring will allow you to dodge by double tabbing A or D, you will be moved 4 blocks from your destination, very hand when fighting monsters, this effect will cost a small amount of hunger.

Ring of the Mantle

Equipping this ring will give you a Haste effect while mining and while swinging your pick aimlessly, this will drain a small amount of Mana.

Snowflake Pendant

While worn this pendant will freeze any water around the wearer, this will melt as you walk away from the area. This effect can be disabled while sneaking and will not work while fully submerged in water.

Greater Band of Mana

This is an upgraded version of the Band of Mana, this will hold significantly more Mana.

Benevolent Goddess’ Charm

This charm will protect the player and blocks around the wearer from explosions at the cost of Mana.

Soujourner’s/Planestrider’s Sash

The Soujourner’s Sash, when worn, will increase the wearer’s movement speed, jump height and resistance to fall damage, this all comes at the cost of Mana. It will also allow the wearer to walk up 1 high block, this can be overridden by holding shift.

The Planestrider’s Sash is different from the Soujourner’s sash, instead of a flat increase in speed, you will gain more and more speed the longer you run. This bonus will be reset if you stop.

Tectonic Girdle

This belt will negate any knockback applied to the wearer from outside attacks.

Cirrus Amulet

This charm will grant the player a double jump, the second jump will negate all currently accumulated fall momentum and damage that would occur from the fall, this can still kill you if you fall.

Third Eye

When worn this item will let you see mobs through walls at the cost of Mana.

Tainted Blood Pendant

This pendant can be used within the Botanical Brewery, instead of making a Brew the pendant will take on the effect of the brew, this allows you to have a constant Brew active at the cost of a little Mana. This will not work with Brews with more than one effect and will also not work with effects such as Instant Health or Absorption.