Terra Shatterer

This powerful Pickaxe has a few functions, throwing it into a Mana Pool will increase its rank, the default rank is D, by throwing into a Mana Pool you will increase its rank, the amount of Mana required from D-C is only a Little, from C-B requires a Full Mana Pool and then the cost increase tenfold from Ranks B-A and tenfold again from A-S and then Tenfold again from S-SS.

With each rank the Terra Shatterer is able to mine bigger areas when right clicked, this will drain Mana the higher the rank you go so having a healthy supply of Mana is advised. The Terra Shatterer will also mine up grass, sand, gravel and Soul Sand and act as a shovel.

The Terra Shatter will consume Mana even when it is not being used and it is active, it will also never despawn when dropped on the ground.

Rank Mana Required Area Mined
D 0 Default 1 Block
C 10,000 3 Block High Column
B 1,000,000 3x3
A 10,000,000 5x5
S 100,000,000 7x7
SS 1,000,000,000 9x9

When combined with the Elementium Pickaxe the Terra Shatter will destroy Cobblestone, Netherrack, Dirt, Sand and Gravel. Andesite, Diorite, Granite and Basalt, these will not drop unless these items are mined while pressing Shift.

Filling the Terra Shatterer takes a while even with a creative pool and 4 Mana Bellows.