Luminizer are essentially transport devices within Botania. They look just like Sparks when placed into the world and once connected they have swirls which link them. Luminizers are a method of travel that allow you to travel up to 20 blocks between each other, these can be chained together to enable further transportation. These can also be used to transport items and mobs.

There are a few rules with Luminizers:

  • Luminizers have a maximum range of 20 blocks
  • You can travel through blocks but will take damage while travelling through blocks
  • When travelling UP you must place luminizers one block up at the destination otherwise you will not make it onto the platform
  • You can hop off Luminizers by holding shift and you will be dropped off, this works in the middle of a path and will not drop you off at the luminizer.

You can place Luminizer by right-clicking them onto the ground, these can not be placed in mid-air, place another Luminizer within 2 blocks away from the first one. With the Wand of the forest Shift-Right-Click the first Luminizer and then the second one. You have created a link between 2 Luminizers but this is only a ONE WAY link. When you enter (Right Click the Luminizer) the first Luminizer you will be transported to the second one that you placed, to create a link back to the first Lumizer you will need to bind these together again but this time Shift-Right-Clicking the Second then the first Luminizer. Entering either Luminizer will bounce you between the 2, you will need to hold shift to get off.

If you add a third Luminizer that is near the Second one and bind the Second and Third Luminizer together it will link with the first one. This time when entering the Luminizer you will go from the first to the second then to the third. This is automatic and you can get off by hold shift.

These Luminizers can go up and down and even through walls.

Detector/Toggle Luminizer

Once right clicked the Detector Luminizer will send a Redstone pulse and the Toggle Luminizer will drop anything it is transporting once it is given a Redstone pulse.

Fork Luminizer

The Fork Luminizer sends entities passing through it in the direction of a nearby Animated Torch.

If an Animated Torch is placed up to 2 blocks above or below it, any entity passing through the Fork Luminizer will be sent to the nearest Luminizer in the torch's direction in a 20 block line.

If an Animated Torch is not present or there is no Luminizer in its direction, the Fork Luminizer will instead send the passing entities to the bound Luminizer, or drop them if not bound to one.

Luminizer Launcher

The Luminizer Launcher can be placed near any Luminizer, once it is given a redstone signal it will pull any Entity such as Neutral, hostile mobs, items and players into a nearby Luminizer.