Basic Ender Artifacts


The Soulscribe can and should be used to kill Enderman, it's far more powerful than most early weapons and makes quick work on them. The Soulscribe will only last a few kills before it breaks!

Ender Air

It is obtained by right-clicking any block in the End with a Glass Bottle. It is the main crafting component of items in the Ender Artifacts section of the Lexica Botania.

Right-clicking with this item will throw it. It will convert up to 64 Stone in a 7x7x7 area around the point of impact into End Stone.

Ender Overseer

Emits a Redstone signal when the player looks directly at it.

Hand of Ender

When used, it opens the player's Ender Chest inventory at the cost of 250 Mana.

If used on another player, it will open their Ender Chest instead at the cost of 5,000 Mana.

If a Hand of Ender is present in the player's inventory, the Rod of the Shifting Crust will be able to use the contents of their Ender inventory, using an additional 5 Mana per block swapped.

Animated Torch

When it is hit by a Mana burst or a Hovering Hourglass placed on top of the torch turns, it changes the direction it emits a Redstone signal on.

When placed, it faces away from the player in a horizontal direction. Shift right-clicking the torch with an empty hand will turn the torch 90 degrees clockwise.

Right-clicking with a Wand of the Forest will change the mode of the torch. It has 3 modes, which change the direction the torch turns when triggered:

  • Toggle (default): Turns 180 degrees.
  • Rotate: Turns 90 degrees clockwise.
  • Random: Chooses a random direction.