Mana Spreader

It is important to know that flowers will not generate Mana unless they are linked to a Mana spreader. Every Mana Spreader that is placed down also needs to be linked to a Mana Pool, Mana Spreaders will not link to anything unless told to. Mana Spreaders will not link to any block that can not accept Mana. The only exception to this is Pulse Mana Spreaders, these will send Mana regardless if it is attached to a block that can accept Mana.

Placing a Mana Spreader down and holding a Wand of the Forest will show you a green laser with a Spark, there is no range limit on Mana spreaders but after 12 blocks (the big green spark) Mana will start to fade away, less Mana will reach its destination. Ideally, you never want to go beyond this 12 block range (for now) as you will end up losing Mana.

Next we need to Bind the Mana Spreader to a Mana Pool, with a Wand of the Forest in hand (in Bind Mode, Shift right click in the air to cycle modes) Shift right Click the Mana Spreader then Shift Right-Click then Mana Pool. The Mana Spreader will then move and the laser trail will lead to the Mana pool.

You can always change what Mana Pool the Mana Spreader is linked to in the same way!

Hovering over the Mana Spreader with a Wand of the Forest will also show the amount of Mana currently stored within the Mana Spreader. Continuously Right-Clicking will show how much Mana is within the Mana Spreader and once half of a Section is full, it will then be sent to the attached Mana pool.

Mana Spreaders can also be blocked by blocks, so ensure your path is clear, you can also manually aim the Mana Spreader by having your Wand of the Forest in Function mode and hold Shift Right-click on the Manna spreader, you can then aim the Mana Spreader on your own. Once you hit a block that can accept Mana it will highlight the block.

Mana Spreaders can also be controlled with Redstone, giving the Mana Spreader a Redstone signal will stop the Mana Spreader from sending Mana to its destination.

Mana Spreaders can also be set down next to Mana Pools, this will send any Mana within the Mana Pool to whatever destination you need, the Mana Pool must be directly behind the Mana Spreader.

If you have a bunch of Mana Spreaders you will notice that they can get very loud, luckily Mana Spreads can be muffled by Right-Clicking any colour wool onto them, this will reduce the amount of noise they make and also make them look pretty.