Draconic HUD

Before jumping into the beautiful world of Draconic Evolution, we should take some time to set up the Heads Up Display (HUD) that appears when you are wearing draconic armour or when you are holding any draconic tools.


This HUD also goes a little further, allowing you to tweak draconic tools such as setting Dig Speed, Dig AOE size, Flight Speed and more.

The Default key is set to C (this can be changed under controls). Pressing C will bring up your inventory and highlight any draconic items such as tools and armour. Clicking any draconic items will allow you to configure it; this becomes essential when you upgrade your armour and tools.

Clicking on HUD in the top left will allow you to configure the size and position of your Shield Display. This hud will show armour values, how much energy is stored within your armour. The HUD will show you details about the tool you are holding, such as dig speed, dig AOE and speed multiplier. It’s a good idea to look at this before starting to dig big areas within your base.

You can also set profiles and toggle between these with a key-binding (you can select these yourself); you can also set a key to cycle Attack AOE, Dig AOE.