This simple stone can be bound to a single place, allowing you to teleport back to where the stone is bound. Once crafted, stand where you would like it to be bound, too, then shift Right-click to tie it to the current location. Walking away and then right-clicking the Dislocator in hand will teleport you back to its bound location.

These can not be unbound; once the translocator has been bound to one location, it can never be unbound.

Translocators can also be put into a petal stool; this will allow you to right-click the Dislocation within the pedestal and will teleport you to its bound location. Naming these dislocators within an anvil and placing these within the pedestal will show its name when looking at the pedestal. Dislocators also have unlimited uses within the pedestal.

Dislocators have up to 20 uses before they break if used manually, meaning you always want to use a pedestal.

Dislocator Receptacle

Using Draconic infused Obsidian and a Dislocator receptacle, you can create a portal of any size (as long as it's two dimensional), adding 1 Dislocator receptacle to the framework. Adding either a Dislocator or Advanced Dislocator into this receptacle will open up a portal to its bound location. This portal can be used by anyone and living thing; it will even work with rideable things such as pigs and minecarts. This portal can also be toggled on and off via Redstone. You can hide the Receptacle by clicking Draconic infused Obsidian into it. Dislocators can also be removed by shift right-clicking.