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All guides can be found here! Use the links on the left to select your guide and click Minecraft Guides on the top to get back to this page. Searching now allows you to search across all guides ever written. There has been a lot of issues with site stability but these issues should not crop up as we have moved host. Minecraft Guides is also self-sufficient thanks to ad revenue, in order to keep Minecraft Guides up I ask for you to whitelist MinecraftGuides.net on your Adblocker.

URL Changes

As the guides have moved from individual sites to all in one site you may have noticed that URLs have been changing, I have tried to set up reroutes and various other things to ensure you always land on the right guide when using older links. These links should now stay permanent and will also look different as I will be trying to get all guides translated.

More Languages!

All guides are currently in English but I am hoping to support other languages such as German, French, Spanish and Italian if people are willing to help translate pages. Pages will fall back to English if there is no Spanish, German, French or Italian page. If you would like to help translate guides or pages please get in touch via Discord.

English - German - French - Italian - Spanish

If you do plan on adding a new page in a different language pelase follow these guidelines:

  1. New Pages must be named as follows:


English versions of the doc will stay at default

Back on Github

Every page is on GitHub this also includes pages in other languages! Found errors? Think you can improve this documentation? Simply click the Edit link at the top of the page, and then the pencil icon on Github to make your changes. I will approve pages as and when I am notified. If you don’t have a Github account or are not sure how everything works feel free to contact me on Discord so I can make corrections.