Crafting with liquids

Using liquid redstone ore liquid ender eyes to fill tubes (for example) is possible but not the way you think. As you can not pick up liquids without a bucket, you can't just tell a machine to craft liquid redstone and expect it to pull it into a machine and fill ducts. You will need both machines and you will still need the crafting cell but a chest is required to get this working correctly.

You will need a pattern that tells the system that 10 redstone is 100mb of liquid redstone (and for each liquid).

First we need a chest to gather the materials and an interface that will put the required items for the craft within that chest, then we need to send these materials from the chest to a magma crucible and a fluid transposer. These 2 machines will also need to be next to each other (or connected via pipes).

The empty ducts will be pulled into the Tranposer and the redstone will be pulled into the magma crucible, once we have liquid redstone it will be pulled into the transposer and the duct will be filled and completed. We can then output the desired item straight back into the interface. This would complete the craft and cause no hiccups.

Using servos on each machine (White lsit Redstone and whitelist Ducts) and having the Magma crucible output to the Transposer, we can make this a complete closed system.

Bear in mind that some liquids don't quite add up having left over liquids or not enough could clog up your system, it would be advisable to have one of these set ups for each liquid (Glow Stone, Redstone and Enderium). This ensures that you have not got leftover liquids in your magma crucible since all of these fluids do not mix.

1 Ender Pearl = 250 mB of Liquid Ender 1 Restone dust = 100 mB of Liquid Redstone 1 Glowstone = 250 mB of Liquid Glowstone.