Molecular Assembler Set ups

There are more efficient ways to set up for molecular assemblers, with more interfaces and more assemblers we can speed up crafting. These are some great ways to set up your assemblers and interfaces:

A cube of 32 ME Interfaces and 32 Molecular Assemblers. There are:

  • 4 corner Interfaces with 3 adjacent Assemblers each
  • 12 edge Interfaces with 4 adjacent Assemblers each
  • 12 side Interfaces with 5 adjacent Assemblers each
  • 4 Interfaces in the middle with 6 adjacent Assemblers each

In order for all Interfaces to be online, the cable path must be the same length for all corners of the face we put our cables. To achieve that 4 P2P Tunnels are used.

One corner is connected directly to the ME Dense Cable (using a NE Smart Cable here for demonstration purposes) with a path length of 3 from the intersection where the P2P tunnel is. The other 3 are connected through the use of P2P Tunnels. The total length to each of these corners is also 3, 1 for each of the P2P tunnel plus 1 for the Me Smart Cable (again this is used for demonstration purposes) connecting the corner with the tunnel.

There is also a Quartz Fiber connecting the original network with the P2P sub-network giving it power.

Notice that all 32 channels of the dense cable are used, meaning that all 32 Interfaces are online.

You can also fill each Molecular Assembler with up to 4 acceleration cards by either shift right clicking them while holding the card or manually putting them in the side slots on the Molecular Assembler inventory.