ME Glass, Covered and Smart

ME Glass Cable is the simplest cable to make, transfers power and up to 8 Channels. It comes in 17 different colors, the default being Fluix, and can be dyed any color using any of the 16 dyes.

To craft colored cables surround a dye of any type with 8 cables of the same type (color of the cables doesn't matter, but they must be the same type, glass, smart, etc ). You can also paint cables with any forge compatible paint brush in the world.

You can craft any colored cable with a water bucket to remove the dye. These cables may cause lag on some servers due to their animations. Covered cables reduce this lag but require a bit more materials. Smart Cables will show how many of the 8 channels are being used. These will also show the number of channels used via Waila.

Cables of the same colour will connect to each other, it does not matter if they are Smart, Covered or Glass cables. Fluix coloured calves will connect to ANY colour as well as fluix.

Cables anchors can be used to prevent cables from connecting to each other:

You can also use cables anchors to craft cable facades, this is a multipart block that can be used to wall off cables, you can run cable through them without breaking your network. These are great when you need to hide a few cables. You can also place screens onto these:

These facades are generally hidden within JEI, you will need to go into the JEI setting and disable Hide ingredient mode, all the facades will show up in red. The crafting recipe is simple, using 4 anchors and the desired block in the middle. Most if not all blocks (excluding machines) can be made into facades.