Network Power

We have briefly covered network power and there are a few ways to power your network depending on how it is set up.

Attaching a power source to the controller will power all cables attached to the controller:

You can also attach a power source to the ME cable but you will need to use an energy acceptor for the network to be powered:

If you have P2P tunnels attached to your network you might notice that at the end of the network there is no power.

This black smart cable has no lights even though there are 2 devices on this network. This is classed as a subnetwork, anything coming out of the powered controller (such as red cables cables) is powered because it is part of a network but above we have attached a device to the controller and that device (p2p Tunnel) is on its own network which also needs power.The red cable coming out of the p2p tunnel is still part of the same network as its still being provided tunnels from the same ME controller.

The grey cables above are the transport network and it needs its own power source, it's not being provided with any tunnels from the ME controller so it is limited to 8 channels, the P2P channels are just moving the face of the controller to a different location. This can be powered with quartz cable, we don't want this to attach to our main network, we just want this to prodive channels for our p2p tunnels.