Some devices will allow you to add cards to them, these cards can do a variety of things such as speed up a process or filter items. Not all devices that use cards can use all of the cards, some cards are limited to certain devices. The tools tip of each card will allow you to see what card can be used in what device.

Acceleration Card

Compatible Devices: ME Fluid Export/Import Buss, Inscriber, ME IO Port, Crystal Growth Chamber, ME Import/Export Bus, Matter Cannon, Molecular Assembler, Advanced Inscribers.

This card will speed up the process of either crafting or how many items can be pushed through a bus at once.

Fuzzy Card

Compatible Devices: ME Formation Plane, ME Import/Export Bus, ME Level emitters, ME Storage Bus, ME Storage Cells, Matter Cannon.

This card will allow items to move through devices that can hold this card and can sort by NBT and damage value.

Inverter Card

Compatible Devices: ME Fluid Storage Bus, ME Formation Plane, ME Gas Storage Bus, ME Storage Bus, ME Storage Cells, Matter Cannon.

This card acts as a sort of black or whitelist card.

Capacity Card

Compatible Devices: ME Fluid Import/Export Bus, ME Export/Import Bus, ME Fluid Storage Bus, ME Storage Bus, ME Formation Plane.

This card upgrades the number of configurable slots available in certain devices.

Redstone Card

Compatible Devices: ME Fluid Import/Export Bus, ME IO Port, ME Import/Export Bus.

Allows any device compatible with this card to be toggleable with Redstone. This card gives buses and a few other devices the ability to be toggled with redstone. There are 4 Redstone Modes:

Active without signal,Active with Signal, Active once per pulse and always active. This works with a redstone signal near the device such as a level or a button.

Crafting Card

Compatible Devices: ME Export Bus, ME Interface, ME Level Emitter.

This card is used with the ME Interface and the Export Bos to request autocrafting from the network.

Using this on an me interface will allow the system to craft whatever items you have requested and fill the ME interface. You can set this to craft 64 Oak Wood Planks. You can attach the interface with the craft to a storage bus that will give you a constant stack of 64 Oak Wood Planks. You can do this with any type of pattern but it must already be a craftable within your system.

We can also use this with a Export bus, this card will give you a new option within the export bus, when attached to interface you can set the crafting behaviour to “Do not used Stocked Items, only craft items while exporting”, this can be used with gold nuggets that may land within your system. This will keep crafting gold nuggets into ingot (if you have that crafting pattern) and is a great way to clear your system.

Using this card within level emitters will block out any other options for the level emitter and let you send out a redstone signal when something is crafting. There are other options to emit redstone to craft but I have not seen any use for this nore do I know what it does.