Cross Dimension Networking

At some later point of the game you want to extend the accessibility of your ME system to another dimension or over a long distance. This is where Quantum Network Bridges come into shine. They allow you to access your ME system as if you were just next to it: you can store and withdraw items and start crafting tasks from over long distances. A Quantum Network Bridge consists of two ME Quantum Ring multiblocks. You are going to need at least 16 ME Quantum Ring blocks, 2 Quantum Link Chambers and one Singularity. You get Singularities by exporting items into a Matter Condenser. One Singularity is created by condensing 256 thousand items.

You need to create a pair of Quantum Entangled Singularities by throwing a piece of Singularity and a piece of Ender Dust together on the ground and creating any kind of explosion next to it. In the picture you can see that I used Tiny TNT to create this said explosion. These must be crafted as spawning these in will not work as they are crafted (or exploded ) as they are a set.

After you have your Quantum Entangled Singularities (which you should rename in pairs in an anvil to never forget which QES belong together) you can place the QNB multiblock as follows: place the ME Quantum Rings in a donut pattern (either laying them on the ground or placing them vertical like on the picture) and place the ME Quantum Link Chamber in the middle. The multiblock will automatically form and after you connect the Ring to your network the lights will glow blue. Place one of the two Quantum Entangled Singularities in the Quantum Link Chamber:

Repeat this pattern for the other end in the distance and you are nearly ready to go. A key part is that the end in the distance needs a little bit of power to kick-start. After it gets a little outsourced power it will drain the needed power from your network and the outsourced power can be disconnected. Also note that both ends need to be chunk-loaded at all times and that block only connects to the edges, not to the corners of the multiblock. Also keep in mind that a QNB needs a lot of power to keep it online at all times.

The picture below shows an online Quantum Ring in the distance while not connected to any outside energy sources and its still glowing blue. Little particles in the ME Quantum Link Chamber indicate that the connection was established. Connected machines consume a channel of your main network.

Once both Quantum Entangled Singularities have been built you can expand your network as normal from the ring. This works cross dimension!

There are 12 faces you can use for cables, you can only use the 4 “blocks'' that are not the corners of the ring. If you have connected one end to the network with a normal smart cable you can have up to 8 channels so ensure you use a dense smart cable. The Cables that are attached to the Ring on your network will tell you have many channels you can use.