AE can handle more than just items, it can also handle fluids from every mod! Fluids can not be stored in regular cells and require Fluid cells. Fluid cells can be stored in normal ME Drives but will require a Fluid interface (and a bucket) to be able to extract any fluid.

Putting fluids into your system will required Fluid import and Export buses, these must be attached to either your system to export fluids and to a machine or fluid inventory such as barrels to be able to import the fluids into your system

Fluid level emitters can be used to turn off or on fluid busses depending on how much you do or do not have in your system. Fluids can also be picked up by the Annihilation plane, this works well with infinite water sources.

The formation plane can then be used to dump liquids out in front of it, you will need to specify what liquid you want to be dumped out.

The p2p water tunnel is much the same but you will need to pump water (just an example) strait into the face, next you will need to set an output tunnel, this can be attached to anything that will hold fluids:

This way you can move fluids around your system without having to use any cells.