The inscriber is a key machine in AE, it will be used to craft processors and circuits that are key crafting components. Hunting around the world of Meteorites should net you at least 1 of the 4 different types of Press’s:

  • Inscriber Calculation Press
  • Inscriber Engineering Press
  • Inscriber Silicon Press
  • Inscriber Logic Press

You will need all 4 of these to move forward within AE2, keep exploring the world you are more likely to find meteors above ground then below.

You will need at least 5 Inscribers but you can get past with just one. Right clicking the inscriber will bring up a UI with 3 slots on the far left, an output (D) with a progress bar and room for 3 cards on the far right (E). Please be aware that these inscibers will need power to function.

The top left slot (A) will need one of the Press’s in it, the middle slot (C) will need a specific material in order to work with the chosen press, the bottom slot will need Printed Silicon for certain recipes.

These inscibers will be used to craft Engineering Processors, Logic Processors and Calculation Processors. The process to create these is long winded but can be automated in the future.

First we use each press to make the base of each processor:

  • Inscriber Calculation Press - Pure Certus Quartz Crystals
  • Inscriber Engineering Press - Diamonds
  • Inscriber Logic Press - Gold

These will then need to be combined with Printed Silicone and Redstone. The Silicon Press is used to make Printed Silicon and silicone can be made with Quartz or nether quartz dust within a furnace. Each step of the process can only be done with the inscriber. The inscriber can only create one thing at a time so throwing in stacks of gold or silicon will not work, it will also not stack its completed work. This process is also slow unless you add speed cards into the far right slot (E).

This whole process can be automated with tubes and pipes, the inscribers will input and output on the following sides:

A. Top Input
automated from side with top press
B. Bottom Input
automated from side with bottom press
C. Center Input
automated from any side without press
D. Output
automated from any side without press

Automating this is a complete nightmare, thankfully there is an Advanced Inscriber that is added by AE2 Stuff which will allow you to stack materials within the Inscriber.

It is highly advised to have at least 5 of these machines, one for each press and one to combines the circuits with redstone and printed silicone

It is highly recommended to craft at least a few stacks of EACH of these processes as they will be used in every single drive!