ME Circuit Etcher

The ME Circuit Etcher streamlines the operation of processor inscription. Once all four inscriber presses have been acquired, they can be combined to create this device, which is capable of etching all the standard processor types as well as a few other processor types exclusive to Lazy AE2.

To use the ME Circuit Etcher, the top and bottom slots are loaded with redstone and silicon, then a circuit material is placed in the center-left slot. One of each material is consumed in each crafting operation to produce a complete processor in the right slot.

Compared to the inscriber, the ME Circuit Etcher exhibits somewhat less inconvenient behaviour. In particular, it supports configurable sides, stackable slots, and performs the entire circuit etching process in a single step rather than two. Because of this, it is much easier to automate the ME Circuit Etcher than the inscriber.

However, there are some operations the inscriber can do that the ME Circuit Etcher cannot. Specifically, the ME Circuit Etcher cannot make copies of inscriber presses, create printed circuits, or use the inscriber name press. It is also incapable of crafting fluix-plated iron, although this is not a concern once the Fluix Aggregator is available.