Seed/Crystal Automation

Crafting and growing seeds in water surrounded by growth accelerators is frustrating, thankfully this process can be automated with the help of other mods. Each seed will need its own crafting pattern, a pattern will also be needed to make fluix crystals.

These patterns will need to be processing patterns, NOT crafting patterns as all of these seeds will need to be dropped in water.

Before you start building it's a good idea to teach your system how to craft all the seeds and each dust (Fluix, certus quartz and quartz dust). The dust patterns can be added to a SAG mill and the seeds to an interface connected to an assembler.

The seeds will also need a pattern, this pattern should be Seeds = Crystal, this needs to be a machine pattern as it is not crafted.

We will be using the Vacuum chest from Ender io and the precision dropper from actually additions.

The dropper will drop the seeds into water surrounded by growth accelerators, once these have grown the vacuum chest will pull out the fully grown crystals and deposit them back into our system.

The Dropper needs an interface with patterns for each seed:

The vacuum chest will need a filter for each fully grown seed:

Your system should now be able to craft any seed and also be able to grow any kind of crystal.