Spatial Storage

So being able to capture and hold items as well as fluids within our system is great but we can also take this one step further. AE2 will allow you to grab blocks in the world and put them into a cell. We can mark an area and anything within that area will be put into a cell instantly.

This is not often used and mostly overlooked by most AE2 guides and play throughs. This is also very expensive in terms of power and materials, it is also very time consuming.

First we need to craft a cell, there are 3 different kinds of Cells, each cell can hold a different amount of blocks, the more blocks you can hold the more expensive the cells become:

  • 23 Storage Cell: 2x2x2 Area
  • 163 Storage Cell:16x16x16 area
  • 1283 Storage Cell: 128x128x128

These will get more and more expensive to make (depending on mod pack) as you need larger and larger cells.

Before we jump into putting buildings in cells we need to have Pylons, these are markers used to mark what area within them will be put into the cell. These will need power and they do take up channels. Putting one down will not connect it to a cable, you will need a row of at least 2 for them to work.

We can use very few markers but this makes storing whats within these markers very expensive, we can make this power consumption cheaper by adding more pylons, each pylon row (you can make these as long as you want) will cost one channel, using a ME Controller can help with channels.

There is a specif way to lay these out, if you are wanting to put a chunk into a cell (16x16x16, we need to mark an area of 16x16x16. This area must be WITHIN the markers.

I recommend putting at least 3 upright pylons up first, this would be 4 corners of a cube, if we use chunk view (F9) we can put markers outside of the chunk we wish to store, making these 17 high from the floor (this would make the inner diameter 16). I would once we have 3 vertical pylons 17 blocks high we can put pylons IN the ground, these also need to be bigger than the chunk, I have made these 18 long with one end poking out of each side of the chunk. This way we know anything on top of these pylons will be put into the cell.

I have also used smart cables to see how many channels I have as well as a controller:

This is the max size for a 163 Storage Cell, we can go bigger with a 1283 Storage Cell. This does not have to be 16x16x16, it will work with smaller sizes as long as the area is not bigger.

These pylons can not touch each other or they will be invalid:

They also need to have power to work and must be on the same network as the IO Port.

Once we have cells and Pylons we need a Spatial IO port, this will hold the cell ready to suck up any area that has been marked. It will also give you details about how much energy will be needed to put the area into a cell and how efficient it is.

As we can see this is not very efficient, more pylons could be added on top or another vertical one, this still works but it will use a bunch of power. We can also see the size of the area within the pylons. The pylons must be on the same network as the IO Port.

To make this more efficient we would need to add another wall of pylons:

Adding a button to the IO Port and a cell into the left slot will suck everything into a cell instantly. The cell will move over one slot and will need to be put back in the left slot before you can press the button and put everything back. If you want to move whatever you have captured to a different spot you will need to set up new pylons.

You can store anything within this system but there are some limitations, most vanilla blocks will be moved such as redstone and furnaces with their contents. It will also move animals.

These cells act as little dimensions, if you are within the area before activating the IO port you will be transported to a dimension with whatever else you have transported. You can’t sleep in this dimension and your bed will just blow up. This is sort of a void world but with a black floor:

You can build a base here, as long as you have a teleport or a way to get back to the overworld. This space is only as big as your pylons, in this example, 16x16x16. Spawning out of this world will break the cell and you will not be able to recover what was saved. This could be a bug