View Cell

The view cell is not your typical cell, it will allow you to configure what you do or do not want to see within your terminal. This cell can be dropped into a Cell workbench, you can then drag items into the cell you wish to only see when looking in your terminal. These items are ghost items meaning they won't be taken from your inventory.

If we have a network that is full of items it may be difficult to find food or certain blocks, with the view cell you can have a specific terminal that you can only see Ore in or Food.

Opening a terminal and placing in the view cell in the top right hand slot will change the terminal to only show us items we have put into the cell, in this case potatoes:

Without the view cell the system is full of all sorts of stuff and finding what I want quickly is more difficult unless the search bar is used. Even then you might be looking for a specific ore but typing in ingot will bring up all items with the word ore in them:

You can also use an inverter card within the view cell to show every item except what has been put into the cell. This works much like a black list!