Wireless Networking

Having a network that works cross dimension is great but it is also expensive. Having access to your network at your fingertips wherever you go is much easier.

It is possible to have your network within your pocket, using a wireless terminal will allow you to access your network while not touching an interface, it allows you to pull items in or out and even suck up any items you are near automatically. There is a range limit but this can be extended with a few upgrades.

First you will need to give yourself permission to access the network. The Security Terminal will allow you to add yourself to a whitelist, this will let you access the network and even break blocks, if someone tries to access the system or break some of the blocks on the system who is NOT on the white list then it will not work. Once the Security Terminal has been set down you will need to add a Blank Biometric card.

The Security Terminal will allow you to customise the level of access people have to your system. It's important to know that whoever places down the Security Terminal onto the network will automatically have full rights to the system, also biometric cards will need to be crafted by the person who wants access to the system. This card will imprint on you and can be left within the system.

The below image will show you what you can specify for each user.

A. Sort Order
Toggle sorting direction
B. Search Box Mode
Auto Search
C. Biometric Card
D. Deposit
User is allowed to store new items into storage
E. Withdraw
User is allowed to remove items from storage
F. Craft
User can initiate new crafting jobs
G. Build
Users can modify the physical structure of the network and make configuration changes.
H. Security
User can access and modify the security terminal of the network
I. Wireless Access Terminal
Links up the WAT to the network
J. Linked up WAT

Once we have a security system in place you can add a Wireless Access Point, this will act like an antenna to your system, once placed down you will need to feed your Wireless Terminal into the top right slot of the Security Terminal. Once linked you should be able to access your network.

You will need to charge your wireless terminal before using it. The wireless Terminal also has a default range of 16 blocks, you can add more terminals around your system to increase the coverage. If you want to increase the range of a Wireless Terminal by adding Wireless Boosters, adding 64 boosters will increase the range to a 628 block radius.

You can also craft a wireless crafting Terminal (this is an extra mod) that will give you a 3x3 crafting grid, this terminal will also need to be put into the Security terminal. This terminal can also accept a magnet card that will auto input items into your system instead of your inventory. Crouch+Right-Click to activate, Right-click to open filter GUI. The Filter can be set to whitelist or blacklist mode, it also has Ignore NBT, Ignore MetaData, and Use Ore Dictionary options.

You can add infinity boosters to the termin which will also increase its range.