Meteorites/Sky Stone

Meteorites have a chance to spawn either above or underground; aboveground Meteorites can be easily found if you have any kind of minimap mod installed. Meteorites have a chance to crash land as soon as a chunk is loaded, this will destroy the landscape (or village) around where the Meteorite has landed. Meteorites are made up of Sky Stone which will require a diamond pickaxe to pick up, in the middle of each Meteorite is a Skystone Chest.

Meteorites that spawn underground can be found using the Meteorite Compass when held in hand, this Meteorite Compass will point you in the direction of the nearest Meteorite, once you enter a chunk that contains a Meteorite the compass will spin wildly.

Sky Stone can be smelted and can also be used as a building block; it can also be used to make a sky stone chest which has a capacity of 36 stacks, it's also blast resistant.

Within these chests you will find 1 - 4 inscriber presses, of which there are four different types. They are Inscriber Logic Press, Inscriber Calculation Press, Inscriber Engineering Press and Inscriber Silicon Press. All four types will be required to progress further into AE.