There are a few new wands at your disposal but, unlike the Mantle, when creating these you DO need to use an attuned Crystal. You will need to create a second Resonating Wand to activate the Altar.


You can use 2 wands if you wish and each wand has its own abilities:

Armara Wand

  • While holding the wand in your offhand and right-clicking, it will act like a shield. You will take massively reduced damage from anything, including fall damage. When you are melee attacked, it will push back the attacker and reflect projectiles. If you are still getting damaged by another attacker you will gain resistance and absorption.

Discidia Wand

  • While in hand, the more consecutive hits you do to an enemy, the more damage you will do (up to double of your normal damage).

Evorsio Wand

  • While in hand, while you mine out large chunks of a similar material around you. This has a cooldown.

Aevitas Wand

  • While in hand, creates a pathway below your feet allowing you to walk on air and climb the sky by jumping. Going down requires you to unequip the wand.

Vicio Wand

  • While in hand, holding right-click will pull the wand back (like a bow) and letting go will launch you forward. You will go further vertically then you will horizontally. Using this with the Vicio mantle or a vanilla elytra allows for a ridiculous amount of movement. You can launch yourself straight up into the air, activate the elytra, then use the wand some more. You will go very fast and you can go anywhere you want, no matter the height. Amazing for escaping bosses or other players.You can also get rid of any fall damage by activating it in a short burst midair.