Pedestal Effects

Constellation Effect
Aevitas Nearby living entities receive Regeneration, Plants experience accelerated growth.
Armara Hostile mobs and projectiles are repelled away from the Pedestal, Nearby entities gain resistance and absorption.
Discidia Hostile mobs near the Pedestal take damage over time.
Evorsio Breaks solid blocks near the Pedestal.
Vicio Entities near the Pedestal receive Jump Boost and Speed. Enables Creative like Flight.
Bootes Nearby animals "shed" their drops as if they were slain.
Fornax Nearby blocks become their burnt or smelted counterparts.
Horologium Machines experience bonus ticks and work faster.
Lucerna Hostile mobs do not spawn around the Pedestal.
Mineralis Nearby stone has a chance of becoming ore blocks.
Octans Nearby Water blocks become easier to fish.
Pelotrio Entities experience a higher chance of spawning, including hostile mobs.