Illumination Wand

The Illumination Wand allows you to place an Illumination Powder effect with a simple right-click, creating a glowing entity that emits light 7 blocks in all directions. AS version 1.9.1 adds the ability to remove these lights by right-clicking them; otherwise they may be removed by placing a block in the same space.

It also allows you to sneak right-click blocks to turn them into a transparent glowing block (which does not emit light) which is unbreakable, blast resistant and wither-proof. This effect can be removed by sneak-right-clicking the block a second time.

Illumination Wand

The the wand has a ‘charge meter’ that fills over time, holding enough for two uses in quick succession, but will run out of charge if used rapidly. The meter will refill completely in about eleven seconds and each use consumes 50% of the meter’s charge. Here you can see the meter as blue sparkles sharing the same space as the normal EXP bar, which will display whenever the wand is selected:

Charge Meter

For clarity, here’s a bar without the wand selected:

No wand in hand

You can change the Illumination Wand’s colour by adding dye to the Wand in a crafting table. This enables you to put down different coloured light sources (can be changed as often as you want):

Coloured Light Sources

When using the Illumination Wand do not sneak-right-click any part of your multiblock structures as this will disable them.

Disabled Structure