Infusing Weapons and Tools

The Starlight Infuser can also be used with tools and weapons. Placing a tool or a weapon into the Infuser and right-clicking with the Resonating Wand will infuse the weapon or tool and give you a Infused version.

Sword Infusion

Infusing tools is a very expensive process and will require you to refill your Infusion altar with Liquid Starlight. Keep in mind that making multiple tools will not allow you to switch between tools while they are charging, meaning you can have the effect trigger then swap to a different weapon (or the same weapon).

Here is what abilities these tools have

  • Sword - Area of Effect Damage

  • Pickaxe - Right-click shows the nearest ores.

  • Shovel - Removes large areas of Dirt, Grass, Sand and Gravel (watch your step).

  • Axe - Will chop the whole tree and any connecting tree blocks including leaves. This only works on trees.