Ritual Anchor

A pair of Ritual Anchors will enable you to move the area of effect of your Pedestal’s ritual. An example would be if you wanted to have Aevitas above your home, far away from your Pedestal.

First you must place your desired Attuned Rock Crystal into the Pedestal (in this case it would be Mineralis). Then you need to place a Ritual Anchor five blocks above the Pedestal as shown (the Ritual Anchor is the “flashlight” at the top of the green, red and blue pyramid below):


When the second anchor is placed in a remote location, bind both of the Anchors and you will notice that the ritual effect works in the second location (again, note the Ritual Anchor is the gold-capped white tube with purple sparkles in the center left of the pic, on the ore pile. The ritual pedestal from the first picture is visible in the background):

Anchor Placement

Ensure that you keep the Linking Tool in your hand while binding these (don’t change to another item). This can be used with any number of the different Constellations.