Fosic Resonator

Now that you have a good amount of Liquid Starlight it's time to create your next item, the Fosic Resonator. This will require a bucket of Liquid Starlight and a gold ingot. This must be crafted on the Luminous Crafting Table.

This little device will help you find higher concentrations of Starlight (useful if you are having problems with getting enough Starlight for crafting). With this in hand you walk around your world and find patches on the ground that are blue. This needs to be done at night and you may not see these patches if you are flying around too high or too fast.

Dark Blue patches like the one above mean there is a medium concentration of Star Light.

This patch has a much higher concentration of Starlight and is perfect. The higher you build on these patches the more Starlight you will get. This does not mean you will need to relocate or build your “base” here but it will help. Either one of these patches are good and will benefit you if you can start on one of these areas.

Higher levels of Starlight are needed to craft more complex items. You can see how much Starlight is needed for each item by hovering over the star in the top right corner of the Tome entry for that item. When trying to craft a item you can see how much Starlight you need in the Starlight bar. If the bar is not solid blue it means you will need more Starlight:

If you have started creating an item and the Starlight level drops too low then it will fail, but progress will resume if the Starlight level meets the item’s crafting threshold again at a later time (for example, after a day turns to night again).