Starlight Crafting Altar

Now you want to upgrade your Luminous Crafting Table to a Starlight Crafting Altar. This will enable you to make more powerful items. To craft this you will need plenty of Starlight and a few materials (please check your Tome). When you have all of these in the Luminous Crafting Table right-click it with your Resonating Wand and your Luminous Crafting Table will upgrade itself. This can take a little while so make sure you do this in the middle of the night. Please ensure that you have the correct materials (pay close attention to the types of marble blocks) to upgrade the Luminous Crafting Table or you may find that you need to craft another Basic Crafting Table to craft Marble.

Once your Starlight Crafting Altar is done you will notice that it no longer works. This is because it needs a special platform in order to work. If you look in your Tome it will show you how to build this platform and what materials you need (use the Sextant to help with the layout).

You will notice that your Starlight Crafting Altar has a much bigger Starlight Meter. This altar also needs to have access to the sky, just like the Luminous Crafting Table did. It would be beneficial to get the Starlight Crafting Altar’s Starlight Level to full. This will make crafting and other activities easier. You can surround the altar with Spectral Relays to help boost the altar’s Starlight Level.