Bee Behaviour

Bees are not stupid, they like certain things and won't work for you unless you provide them with what they need. There are a number of bees (more or less depending on your mod pack) and each has their own set of “Requirements”.

Breeding bees is not as easy as throwing them in a Apiary and waiting for them to do their thing. Each species of bee likes a certain temperature and a certain “flower”. I use the term flower very loosely as rocks and bookshelves are not technically flowers, and in some cases, bees will only work in certain dimensions. If these requirements are not met, then the bees will simply do nothing. You won't get any Combs, Honey or Offspring.

Each bee requires a Valid Flower Type in order to “work”. If a bee require Vines and there are none in sight, then it will sit in the Apiary and do nothing. A bee’s territory is a 9x9x6 (X x Y x Z) area with the Apiary in the middle.

Later on you can control all of these factors, but when starting out, you need to do a little leg work. Once you start breeding, you will find it easier and easier to get results. The best way to find out what flower a Queen needs is to use the Portable Analyzer.

Flower Type Flower
Flowers Minecraft Flowers
Jungle Vines or Fern
Mushroom Red or Brown mushrooms
Cacti Cactus
Wheat Wheat
Stone Cobblestone, smooth stone or stone bricks
Reeds Sugar Cane
Redstone Redstone Ore or Redstone Block
Nether Nether Wart
End Chorus
None Does not require flowers
Ore Any Ore Block

There are more stats with bees, and there are many other types of bees, but I am only covering the Mundane Bees so you know what to expect with the bees you find in the world. Later on, this guide will look into how you can find out what any new Species of bees provide, and what else they can do.