Bee Benefits

There are more than a handful of bees, and finding a bee that meets your needs will require you to breed a host of different bees in order to get the bee you want. Most bees will give you materials you can use, but some bees will have different properties, such as being able to work at night, being resistant to rain, have a short life, have different fertility or other effects.

You can breed a super bee that is resistant to rain, grants you XP and has a long lifespan, but there are limits to this. It can also take a long time. As you progress with bees and automation, you will be able to breed any bee you need.

There are also Bees that will perform tasks outside of the hive, so instead of breeding them for their properties or their by-products, breed them for effects. Career Bees will perform tasks such as:

  • Husbandry: Breeds animals together within its territory.
  • Smelting: Smelts items placed on nearby Flower Pedestals.
  • Butcher: Humanely slaughters any grown animals in its territory. Will keep one pair of each animal alive to breed.