Industrial Apiary

The Industrial Apiary is like a normal Apiary without all the guesswork. It uses RF, and unlike its Forestry counterpart, it does not use frames. It also does not have the 90% productivity reduction of the Bee House. It can be controlled by redstone, and will give you detailed reasons why it is not working.

This will replace the Alveary, Apiary and Bee House. It can be upgraded (more on that later).

When right-clicking the Industrial Apiary (from left to right):

  • Power Indicator
    • Slot for your Princess (top) and Drone (bottom)
  • 4 Upgrade slots
  • 9 slots for Byproducts and offspring
  • An on/off toggle
  • Errors (no Queen, too hot, etc.)

The Industrial Apiary can be automated. You can input and output from any side with multiple in/out pipes or conduits. Automation upgrades can be used to automate the breeding cycle. It will accept many different power sources on any facing.